1. DueProps

    Services Provided: HTML/CSS/JS

    DueProps screenshot DueProps screenshot
  2. Yellowpages

    Services Provided: Design, HTML/CSS/JS

    Yellowpages screenshot Yellowpages screenshot

    Services Provided: HTML/CSS/JS

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  4. RollCallMe

    Services Provided: HTML/CSS/JS

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  1. AT&T Interactive

    Front-End Developer


    I have mainly worked on the site, converting comps from Photoshop into HTML and CSS. Features in which I was the lead front-end developer include menu popups, error pages, search filters, and the deal of the day widget. I also had significant input into the design and implementation of a new user-focused home page and the recommendation widget on the restaurant search results page. My favorite project was a responsive search results page I created for a company hackathon.

    I was part of three iterations of We converted comps into code and offered as much input as we could. We used lean HTML5 and CSS3 to create a light and fast site along with media queries to adjust the design for smaller screens.

    Other duties include a redesign of, support of, and design/front-end work on various internal apps.

  2. DueProps

    Front-End Developer


    Working with a small, agile team, I was the lead front-end developer for DueProps is a peer recognition game for workplaces. My duties were a mix of converting comps into code and giving design input. It was challenging, but rewarding working with such a detailed design. One of my favorite accomplishments is the parallax on the sign-in page.

  3. Myself

    Front-End Developer and Designer

    Most recently I implemented the design for RollCallMe. This project was completed in less than one week and utilized parts of the Twitter Bootstrap. Other projects are in development and will be added as soon as they're public.


My specialty. I love writing organized HTML and lean CSS, including HTML5 and CSS3.
Javascript & jQuery
An evolving skill and one that I’m using in most projects these days.
Ruby on Rails
I’m not a back-end developer but know enough to get around.
Git & Subversion
Version control is part of my daily workflow. I’m more competent in Git but have used Subversion.
Web Standards
Following web standards allows me to write clean and maintainable code that will work across multiple browsers.
Semantic Markup
Use the right markup for the content. This makes the content more accessible and the code easier to read.
My main tool for creating/slicing up comps and optimizing images.

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